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About the Book

We talk a lot about how the future is - or should be - female. But wouldn’t a truly female future be a feminine one - that is, one that actually embraces and celebrates all of the complicated, amazing things that characterize us as women? If we’re going claim our female power and light the world with our ideas and our innovations and our leadership, shouldn’t that power — that incredible, infinite, electric power – be feminine?

Feminine traits — such as sensitivity, emotionality, and attention to intuition — were once dismissed or disparaged as weak. We want to reclaim them as powerful strengths that they are.

Challenging old and outdated perceptions that feminine traits and qualities are weaknesses, The Feminine Revolution revisits those characteristics to show how they are powerful assets that should be embraced rather than maligned. With an upbeat blend of self-help and fresh analysis, The Feminine Revolution reboots femininity for the modern woman and gives her the tools to explore the full range of her powers.

Each chapter starts with a story about Amy’s and Catherine’s experiences in confronting a feminine quality or trait traditionally perceived as weak and then digs into the history and contemporary assumptions before reframing the quality or trait in question. They provide tools and ideas for how to implement the practice of integrating the feminine quality in your life, allowing you to tap into your feminine superpowers for a happier, more authentic life.


About the Authors


About Amy

Amy Stanton is a long-time marketer and brand-builder currently running a marketing and PR agency with a large focus on brands targeted at and built by women. Previously, she was the CMO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of women, sports, branding, and entrepreneurship. She lives in Venice, California.


About Catherine

Catherine Connors is the co-founder and CCO of Maverick, a network for girls and young women. She’s the former Editor in Chief of Babble and head of content for Disney Interactive’s Women and Family portfolio. She has been featured in media like The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and Good Morning America. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Praise for The Feminine Revolution

"Nothing could be a more critical conversation than the one women are engaged in now, trying to connect our femininity with our power in a way that delivers us to our highest selves. Kudos to Amy Stanton and Catherine Connors for exploring issues--often hidden, sometimes painful--that pave the way to genuine deliverance from the forces that hold us back."

— Marianne Williamson, Author, Lecturer, Spiritual Teacher


“I'd love for my daughter to grow up in a world where then men and women in her life support her and in which she won't have to sacrifice her femininity for the expense of her success. The Feminine Revolution is a beautiful exploration of that idea and can help lay the groundwork for that future.”

— Justin Baldoni, Actor and Activist


“This book is the invitation and the opportunity and permission for us to take back what we already know to be true, which is femininity is quite literally synonymous with powerful.”

— Alexis Jones, co-founder of I Am That Girl


 “The new femininity cultivates a new terrain in mind, body and spirit for women. It establishes a new linguistic abstraction and way of being that demonstrates the real power of qualities such as lovingness, collaboration, and compassion.”

—Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Doctor & Co-founder of Be Hive of Healing and Author of The Clarity Cleanse


“We're in the middle of a revolution right now, a movement that we won't even understand how big until years down the road.”

—Cat Cora, World-renowned Chef, Author & Restauranteur


“[The Feminine Revolution] inspires us to question the clichés and expectations of femininity and open minds and hearts to respecting the value of all aspects of womanhood, and humanity.”

—Gabrielle Reece, Athlete, Author & Fitness Personality



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